Structure and Organization


    The network management structure includes a Board of Directors, a Scientific Advisory Board, a Technology Transfer Committee, a Research Technical Committee composed of Site Working Groups and Technical Working Groups (Integrative Science Groups), and a Directorate:

    Footprints Organizational Chart

    The Operational Component includes Site Working Groups and Integrative Sciences, each with multiple leaders, led by a Research Technical Committee and the Directorate:

    Fooprints Operational Structure V20151119

    The Site Working Groups work hand-in-hand with the Integrative Science Groups, which interact across sites to maximize collaboration and to ensure consistency in protocols and methodologies:

    Footprints Work Matrix

    Project Results

    Project results, including Geoscience ANALYST projects containing all project-generated data, will be available from the Mining Observatory Data Control Centre at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory at the end of March 2019. A link will be posted on this page at that time.

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