Research Scientists

Dr. Martina Bertelli , Research Associate in Geochemical Data Integration, Western/Memorial/Laval (Linnen/Piercey/Beaudoin), 01/15-present
Dr. Steve Beyer, U Site Post-Doctoral Fellow in Exploration Geochemistry (Part-Time), Queen's/Laurentian (Kyser/Leybourne), 06/15-present
James Clark , Au Site Research Associate (Part-Time), McGill/Western/Queen's (Williams-Jones/Linnen/Olivo), 09/13-present
Dr. Jilu Feng , Hyperspectral Research Associate (Part-Time), Alberta (Rivard), 07/15, 07/16, 09-16-present
Julia King , GOCAD Specialist (Part-Time),
Dr. Robert Lee , Cu Site Research Associate, UBC/Lakehead (Hart/Hollings/Gleeson), 06/14-present
Dr. Reza Mir , Post-Doctoral Fellow in Geophysics, Laurentian/Toronto (Smith/Milkereit), 12/13-present
Dr. Pejman Shamsipour , Petrophysics Research Associate, Ècole Polytechniqe (Chouteau/Enkin), 06/15-present
Dr. Marc Vallée , Inversion Research Associate, Memorial (Farqhuarson), 07/15-present
Ken Wasyliuk , U Site Research Associate, Saskatchewan/Queen's (Ansdell/Kyser), 01/16-present

Dr. Leonardo Feltrin, Data Integration Research Associate, Western/McMaster/MIRA (Linnen/Morris/McGaughey), 09/13-12/17 (presently Associate Professor, Laurentian University)
Dr. Najib El Goumi, Post-Doctoral Fellow in Petrophysics, GSC-Sidney (Enkin/Chouteau): 03/13-03/15 (presently Project Manager, Geosciences Explor, Morocco)
Dr. Mohamed Gouiza, U Site Research Associate, Saskatchewan/Queen's (Andsell/Kyser), 06/13-11/15 (presently Research Fellow, University of Leeds)
Dr. Oladele Olaniyan, Post-Doctoral Fellow in Geophysics, Laurentian (Smith): 09/14-12/14 (presently CEO Geodel Integrated Systems)
Dr. Stéphane Perrouty, Au Site Research Associate (04/16-12/17), Post-Doctoral Fellow (04/13-03/16), Western/Queen's (Linnen/Olivo) (presently Assistant Professor, Laurentian University)

PhD Students


Kevin Byrne , Cu Site Alteration-Mineral Chemistry-Lithogeochemistry, GFZ-Potsdam/Alberta (Gleeson/Rivard), 01/15-present (planned completion 12/18)
Mehrdad Darijani , U Site Overburden Stripping, Memorial/Waterloo (Farquharson/Ross), 09/13-present
Nicolas Gaillard , Au Site Lithogeochemistry, McGill/Western/Windsor (Williams-Jones/Linnen/Samson), 01/13-present
Charles Lafrèniere-Bérubé , Au Site Physical Properties, Poly/Queen's (Chouteau/Olivo), 05/14-present
Guillaume Lesage , Cu Site HVC System Architecture, UBC/Lakehead (Hart/Hollings), 01/14-present
Philip Lypaczewski , Au and Cu Site Hyperspectral, Alberta (Rivard/Gleeson), 09/13-present (planned completion 08/18)
Dong Shi , U Site Seismic Shear Wave Analysis, Toronto/Laurentian (Milkereit/Smith), 08/14-present

Noémie Fayol, Au Site Intrusions, UQAM/INRS (Jébrak/Harris): 03/3-05/15 (presently Exploration Geologist with Variscan Mines)

Thibaut Astic , Cu Site Inversion, UBC (Oldenburg)

MSc Students

Rachel Chouinard ,  Cu Site Surficial, UBC/Waterloo (Winterburn/Ross), 05/15-present (planned completion 05/18)
Christophe Grenon , Cu Site Petrophysics, Poly/Lakehead (Chouteau/Hollings), 09/14-present
Andrea Reman , Cu Site Surficial, Waterloo/TBA (Ross/Lee), 05/16-present
Shawn Scott , U Site Quaternary Geology, Waterloo/Queen's/Saskatchewan (Ross/Kyser/Ansdell), 09/14-present (currently Quaternary Geologist, Minnesota Geological Survey)
Caroline Taylor, Au Site Surficial, Waterloo/Western (Ross/Linnen): 09/16-present

Sandra Beauchamp, Au Site 3D Downhole Mag Inversion, Poly (Chouteau), 01/13-05/14
Michael D'Angelo, Cu Site Lithogeochemistry, Lakehead/Memorial (Hollings/Piercey), 05/13-01/16 - winner 2016 GAC-VIP Léopold Gélinas Silver Medal (presently Exploration Geologist IT, Musselwhite Mine, Goldcorp)
Mary Devine, U Site Surficial Geochemistry, Ottawa/Waterloo/Queen's (Hattori/Ross/Kyser), 05/13-06/16 (currently Associate Scientist, Parsons Corporation)
Shannon Guffey, U Site Geochemistry, Memorial/Queen's/Saskatoon (Piercey/Kyser/Ansdell), 07/13-04/17 (currently Research Assistant, Menorial University
Nicholas Joyce , U Site Alteration Mineralogy, Queen's/Laurentian (Layton-Matthews/Schindler/Kyser), 09/13-09/16 (currently Investment Banking Analyst - Minerals, Macquarie Group)
Kun Guo, Cross-Borehole Geophysics, Toronto/Laurentian (Milkereit/Smith) - 01/13-09/14 (currently Geophysicist at Imperial Oil in Calgary)
Charles Lafrèniere-Bérubé, Au Site Physical Properties, Poly/Queen's (Chouteau/Olivo), 01/13-04/14 (currently PhD student, Poly)
Nicolas Piette-Lauzière, Au Site Metamorphic Mineralogy, Laval/McGill, (Guilmette/Williams-Jones), 05/14-05/17
Thomas Raskevicius, Au Site H-O Isotope Geochemistry,  Laval/Queen's (Beaudoin/Kyser), 05/13-09/17 (currently Geologist with Vale in Sudbury)
Dong Shi, Shear Wave and Converted Wave Seismic Imaging, Toronto/Laurentian (Milkereit/Smith), 05/13-08/14 (currently PhD student at University of Toronto
Marissa Valentino, U Site Fractures, Queen's/Laurentian (Kyser/Leybourne), 05/15-11/17 (currently Geophysical Analyst, ESG Solutions)

BSc Honours Students

Natalie Blacklock, Vein Characterization and Structural Controls at Cartier Zone, Malartic, Queen’s (Olivo/Perrouty): 05/14-04/15; and Canadian Malartic Mineralogy-Petrophysics Integration, Queen's/Poly (Olivo/Chouteau/Enkin): 01/14-05/14 (completed MASc at Queen's in Jan 2017)
Darious Kamal, TBA, UBC (Hart/Lee): 9/16-5/17
Yaoshu Li, U Site Surficial, Waterloo (Ross): 09/15-04/16 (currently MSc student at Western)
Andrea Rehman, Cu Site Surficial, Waterloo (Ross), 09/15-04/16
Neera Sundaralingam, Canadian Malartic Geology, Western (Linnen/Perrouty): 06/16-04/17
Robin Taves, Canadian Malartic Surficial Geology, Waterloo (Ross), 05/15-04/16 (currently Field Geologist, DeBeers)

Laboratory Assistants

Mia Crew, Victoria, Petrophysics, GSC-Sidney (Co-Op), 01/17-04/17
Natashia Drage, Victoria, Petrophysics, GSC-Sidney (Co-Op), 09/16-12/16

Hongjing Chen,  Waterloo, 09/15-present
Jae Deok Kim, Seoul National /Poly, Petrophysics, 02/16-05/16
Sang-Hyuk Lee, Poly, Petrophysics, 01/16-05/16

Ken Cable, Victoria, Petrophysics, GSC-Sidney (Co-Op): 10/15-present
Matthew Crocker,  Memorial, pXRF Geochemistry: 07/13-present

Jérémie Chouteau-Lapierre, Poly, Petrophysics: 07/15-08/15
Raphaël Thiémonge,  Poly, Au Site Petrophysics (Lab/Field), 06/15-08/15
Ramon Lorenzo, Laurentian, Au Site IP: 05/15-06/15
Brendan Smithwick, Victoria, Petrophysics, GSC-Sidney (Co-Op): 01/15-04/15

Darshan Crout, Simon Fraser, Petrophysics, GSC-Sidney (Co-Op): 09/14-12/14
Kyle Bromma, Victoria, Petrophysics, GSC-Sidney (Co-Op): 09/14-12/14
Nalin Dhillon, Victoria, Petrophysics, GSC-Sidney (Co-Op): 01/14-04/14
Jessica Holley, Victoria, Petrophysics, GSC-Sidney (Co-Op): 01/14-04/14

Akhilla Srinivasan, UBC, Petrophysics, GSC-Sidney (Co-Op): 09/13-12/13
Chris Galley, Victoria, Petrophysics, GSC-Sidney (Co-Op): 09/13-12/13

Field Assistants

Gabrielle Barbosa, UBC, Cu Site: 05/16-06/16
Hannah Cavallin, Alberta, Cu Site, 05/16-08/16 
Darius Kamal, UBC, Cu Site: 05/16-08/16 
Caroline Taylor, Au Site Surficial (Lab/Field): 06/16-07/16
Raphaël Thiémonge, Poly, Cu Site, 06/16-08/16 

Yaozhu Li, Waterloo, Au Site: 06/15
Jordan Rouse, Queen's, U Site: 05/15-08/15
Rabeea Fatima, Queen's, U Site: 05/15-08/15
Kaj Sullivan, Queen's , U Site: 05/15-08/15
Stéphane Poitras, Alberta, Cu Site: 05/15-08/15
Luana Yeung, UBC, Cu Site: 05/15-08/15
Alex Colyer, UBC, Cu Site: 05/15-08/15

Jonas Carvalo Silveira, UBC, Cu Site: 05/14-08/14
Antonio Celis, UBC, Cu Site: 05/14-08/14
Shawn Scott, Waterloo, U Site: 07/14-08/14

Guillaume Clouette-Gauthier, Poly, Au Site: 05/13-08/13
Nicolas Piette-Lauzière, Laval, Au Site: 05/13-08/13

Project Results

Project results, including Geoscience ANALYST projects containing all project-generated data, will be posted on the Mining Observatory Data Control Centre at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory in due course. A link will be posted on this page at that time.


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