Technical Transfer Committee

Dr. Alan Galley (CMIC) - Chair
Dr. Catherine Farrow
(TMAC Resources)
Dr. Pim van Geffen (Reflex)
Dr. Jeremy Richards
(University of Alberta)
Gisele Roberts
(Laurentian University)
Roman Wasylechko
(Abitibi Geophysics)


Dr. Mark Hannington (Footprints Co-Director)
Dr. Michael Lesher (Footprints Director)
Dr. Richard Tosdal (Footprints Board Chair)

Project Results

Project results, including Geoscience ANALYST projects containing all project-generated data, will be posted on the Mining Observatory Data Control Centre at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory in due course. A link will be posted on this page at that time.


In Memory of Thomas E. Lane (1947-2019)

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