About CMIC

The mission of the Canadian Mining Innovation Council  is to enhance the competitiveness of a responsible Canadian mining industry through collaboration and alignment of resources in education, research, innovation, and commercialization. CMIC builds its business plan around five strategic goals:

  •  Drive breakthrough research solutions to address critical needs in targeted areas
  •  Enhance sustainable research performance and receptor capacity through HQP
  •  Optimize research efficiency and achieve innovation potential through collaboration
  •  Create a mining research and innovation culture effectively linking research capability to industry needs
  •  Enroll new audiences and key decision-makers to support mining research and innovation

For further information go to http://www.cmic-ccim.org/

CMIC Exploration Innovation Consortium

The CMIC Exploration Innovation Consortium and its 25 partners from major and junior exploration and mining companies and mineral industry service providers, are committed to the promotion and discovery of new mineral resources. This will be achieved through focused, innovative and collaborative research and technology development, training, and education in mineral exploration in partnership between the exploration industry, the service industry, and the university and government-based research community. This is a long-term strategy that will result in the development of several multi-year research platforms which will act as a focus for both industry and government strategic funding of Canada's mineral research network.

For further information about CMIC-EIC, go to www.cmic-ccim.org/project-portfolios/exploration

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