Adjunct Faculty

  1. John A. Ayer, Consultant and MERC Associate Director, BSc MSc Carleton, PhD Ottawa; Precambrian geology (current appointment Jul 2013 - Jun 2023)
  2. David Broughton, PhD Colorado School of Mines, MSc and BSc University of Waterloo; Economic geology (current appointment July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2023)
  3. David Burrows, Vale Ltd; PhD University of Toronto, MSc University of Toronto, B.A.(III)  Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, Precambrian geology, economic geology (appointment January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2023).
  4. Natalie Caciagli, Barrick Gold Corporation; PhD University of Toronto, MSc University of California, Los Angeles, BSc University of Toronto; Exploration geochemistry, geostatistics, machine learning, mineralogy (current appointment January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2023)
  5. Michelle DeWolfe, Mount Royal University; BSc St Mary’s University, MSc PhD Laurentian University; Volcanology, ore deposits (current appointment Jan 2016 - Dec 2025)
  6. Catharine EG Farrow, CEO of TMAC Resources Inc; BSc Mount Allison, MSc Acadia, PhD Carleton; Mineralogy, exploration geology. Adjunct appointment: June 2013 - June 2023.
  7. George Gao, Ontario Geological Survey; BSc Xinjiang University, MSc Chinese Academy of Sciences, PhD Cambridge; Quaternary geology, sedimentology. Adjunct appointment July 2013 - June 2024.
  8. Mark D. Hannington, FRSC, Professor and Goldcorp Chair, University of Ottawa / GEOMAR, University of Kiel; BSc Queen’s, MSc PhD Toronto; Economic geology. Adjunct appointment July 1999 - December 2024.
  9. Rasmus Haugaard, Metal Earth Research Associate, Laurentian University; PhD University of Alberta, MSc and BSc, University of Copenhagen; Economic geology (current appointment Jul 1, 2018 – June 30, 2023)
  10. Graham Hill, Institute of Geophysics of the CAS, Prague, Czech Republic; PhD Monash University, MSc University of Alaska at Fairbanks, BSc University of British Columbia; Geophysics (current appointment Jan 2020 - Jun 2024)
  11. Michel G. Houlé, Geological Survey of Canada, BSc MSc Laval PhD Ottawa; Economic geology. Adjunct appointment July 2009 - June 2024.
  12. Mark Jessell, Centre for Exploration Targeting at The University of Western Australia; Professor and Western Australian Fellow. Adjunct appointment: January 2021 - December 2025 
  13. Taus Jørgensen, Metal Earth Research Associate, Laurentian University, PhD Laurentian University, MSc and BSc University of Copenhagen; Exploration geochemistry, economic geology, metamorphic petrology (current appointment Jul 1, 2018 – June 30, 2023)
  14. Alan King, Consultant; BSc Toronto, MSc Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia; Exploration Geophysics. Adjunct appointment: July 2013 - June 2023.
  15. Mike Lesher, Harquail School of Earth Sciences Professor Emeritus. Adjunct appointment: July 2021 - June 2026. 
  16. Robert Lodge, Associate Professor, Geology, University of Wisconsin Eau Clair. Adjunct appointment: July 2020 - June 2026. 
  17. Philip Lypaczewski, Lead Hyperspectral Researcher, College of the North Atlantic. Adjunct appointment: July 2022 - June 2027.
  18. Robert B. MacNaughton, Geological Survey of Canada (Natural Resources Canada), Calgary office. Regional geology, stratigraphy, and applied paleontology; focussed on the Proterozoic and Cambrian tectonostratigraphic evolution of northern Mainland Canada (current appointment Jul 2020 - Jun 2025)
  19. Patrick Mercier-Langevin, Geological Survey of Canada; PhD Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique – Centre Eau, Terre et Environnement (INRS-ETE), Québec, MSc Earth Sciences - Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC), B. Ing. Geological Engineering – Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC); Economic geology, VMS deposits (current appointment January 1, 2019 – December 31, 2023)
  20. Nadia Mykytczuk, Interim CEO/President MIRARCO, Interim Executive Director Goodman School of Mines at MIRARCO - Mining Innovation Rehabilitation and Applied Research Corporation. Adjunct appointment: July 2021 - June 2024.
  21. Juan Carlos Ordóñez Calderón, PhD PGeo, Senior Manager, Resource Geochemistry, Kinross Gold Corporation, Geochemistry and Applied Data Analytics. Adjunct appointment: July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2025.
  22. Edward F. Pattison, Consultant; BSc MSc McGill University; Economic geology. Adjunct appointment Jul 2013 - Jun 2024.
  23. Stephen J. Piercey, Altius-NSERC Industrial Research Chair, Memorial University; Exploration geochemistry, economic geology. Adjunct appointment: July 2017 - June 2027)
  24. David B. Snyder, Geological Survey of Canada (now retired), consultant. Adjunct appointment July 2017 - June 2027.
  25. Gregory M. Stott, Consultant; BSc McMaster, MSc Waterloo, PhD Toronto; Precambrian tectonics (Adjunct appointment: July 2013 - June 2024.
  26. Philips C. Thurston, Adjunct Professor (in-house) at Laurentian University; AB Rutgers University, MA Bryn Mawr College, PhD Western Precambrian geology. Adjunct appointment July 2012 - June 2027.

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