Principal Investigators

    Dr. Michael Lesher, Professor and Research Chair in Mineral Exploration, Laurentian University, Network Director
    Dr. Mark Hannington FRSC, Professor and Goldcorp Chair, University of Ottawa, Network Co-Director

    Dr. Kevin Ansdell , Professor, University of Saskatchewan, U Site Leader
    Dr. Neil Banerjee , Associate Professor, Western University
    Dr. Georges Beaudoin , Professor and NSERC-IRC in Mineral Exploration, Université Laval, Mineralogy Leader
    Dr. Michel Chouteau
    , Professor, École Polytechnique, Petrophysics Leader
    Dr. Randy Enkin , Research Scientist, Geological Survey of Canada, Petrophysics Co-Leader
    Dr. Colin Farquharson , Assistant Professor, Memorial University, Inversion Leader
    Dr. Craig Hart , Director, Mineral Deposits Research Unit, University of British Columbia, Cu Site Co-Leader
    Dr. Keiko Hattori ,FRSC, Professor, University of Ottawa, Surficial Materials Leader
    Dr. Peter Hollings , Professor, Lakehead University, Cu Site Leader
    Dr. Carl Guilmette , Assistant Professor, Université Laval, Metamorphic Petrology
    Dr. Michel Jébrak , Professor, Université du Québec à Montréal
    Dr. Kurt Kyser (deceased) FRSC, Professor, Queen's University, U Site Co-Leader
    Dr. Daniel Layton-Matthews , Associate Professor, Queen's University, Mineralogy Co-Leader
    Dr. Matthew Leybourne , Associate Professor, Laurentian University, Lithogeochemistry and Surficial Geochemistry
    Dr. Robert Linnen , Professor and Hodder Research Chair, Western University, Au Site Leader
    Dr. John McGaughey , President, MIRA Geoscience, Data Integration Co-Leader
    Dr. Bernd Milkereit , Professor, University of Toronto, Geophysics Co-Leader
    Dr. William Morris , Professor, McMaster University, Data Integration Leader
    Dr. Gema Olivo , Professor, Queen's University, Au Site Co-Leader
    Dr. Stephen Piercey ,  Professor and NSERC-Altius IRC, Memorial University, Lithogeochemistry Leader
    Dr. Benoit Rivard , Professor, University of Alberta, Hyperspectral
    Dr. Martin Ross , Associate Professor, University of Waterloo, Surficial Materials Co-Leader
    Dr. Iain Samson , Professor, University of Windsor, Mineralogy Co-Leader
    Dr. Richard Smith , Professor and NSERC-IRC in Exploration Geophysics, Laurentian University, Geophysics Leader
    Dr. Anthony Williams-Jones FRSC, Professor, McGill University, Au Site Co-Leader

    Associate Investigators

    Dr. Leonardo Feltrin , Associate Professor, Laurentian University, Data Integration
    Dr. Sarah Gleeson , Professor, Helmholtz Centre, Potsdam  
    Dr. Stéphane Perrouty , Assistant Professor, Laurentian University, Au Site 
    Dr. Peter Winterburn , Mineral Deposits Research Unit, University of British Columbia, Surficial Geochemistry

    Project Results

    Project results, including Geoscience ANALYST projects containing all project-generated data, will be available from the Mining Observatory Data Control Centre at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory at the end of March 2019. A link will be posted on this page at that time.

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