This list of Abstracts, Papers, and Theses is continually expanding as students and research associates finish their projects, write up their work, and as the publications make their way through the review and publication process. Please check back periodically for updates!

Project results, including Geoscience ANALYST projects containing all project-generated data, will be available from on the Mining Observatory Data Control Centre at the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory at the end of April 2019. A link will be posted here at that time.


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alt text057_Guo_2015_U Toronto, ON_Au_IP 3D imaging_MSc Thesis.pdf5.5 MB
alt text058_Blacklock_2015_Queen's U, ON_Au_Vein characterization_BSc Thesis.pdf141.49 MB
alt text059_Fayol_2015_UQAM, QC_Au_Magnetic signatures_PhD Thesis.pdf24.73 MB
alt text060_Shi_2015_U Toronto, ON_U_Seismic modeling_MSc Thesis.pdf35.45 MB
alt text065_Taves_2016_U Waterloo, ON_Au_Quaternary lithogeochemistry_BSc Thesis.pdf3.01 MB
alt text088_D'Angelo M_2016_U Lakehead, ON_Cu_Lithogeochemistry and mineral chemistry_MSc Thesis.pdf11.69 MB
alt text099_Devine_2016_U Ottawa, ON_U_Dispersion of radon_MSc Thesis.pdf20.08 MB
alt text100_Joyce_2016_Queen's U, ON_U_Mineral chemistry_MSc Thesis.pdf15.89 MB
alt text101_Reman_2016_U Waterloo, ON_Cu_Quaternary stratigraphy_BSc Thesis.pdf3.69 MB
alt text102_Li_2016_U Waterloo, ON_U_Quaternary lithogeochemistry_BSc Thesis.pdf2.26 MB
alt text140_Guffey_2017_Memorial U, NL_U_Lithogeochemistry_MSc Thesis.pdf49.94 MB
alt text144_Darijani_2018_Memorial U, NL_U_Quaternary geophysics_MSc Thesis.pdf80.25 MB
alt text149_Sundaralingam_2017_Western U, ON_Au_Vein characterization_BSc Thesis.pdf12.36 MB
alt text150_Kamal_2017_UBC, BC_Cu_Mineral chemistry_BSc Thesis.pdf7.25 MB
alt text157_Raskevicius_2017_U Laval, QC_Au_Stable isotopes_MSc Thesis.pdf3.35 MB
alt text162_Valentino_2017_Queen's U, ON_U_Fracture analysis_MSc Thesis.pdf40.66 MB
alt text164_Piette-Lauziere_2017_U Laval, QC_Au_Metamorphism_MSc Thesis.pdf8.67 MB
alt text194_Chouinard_2018_UBC, BC_Cu_Quaternary lithogeochemistry_MSc Thesis.pdf6.3 MB

1 folder - 18 files - 472.58 MB

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