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Winners 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
B.Sc. B Sc First   Mélanie Bouchard 

Mélanie Bouchard 

Laurentian University
B Sc Second   Thasan Kandasamy 

Thasan Kandasamy 

Western University
M.Sc. M Sc First   Mo Asmail 

Mo Asmail 

Western University
M Sc Second   Justin Hoyle 

Justin Hoyle 

University of Windsor
M Sc Third   Maria Stefanescu 

Maria Stefanescu 

University of Ottawa
Ph.D. Ph D First   Volker Möller 

Volker Möller 

McGill University
Ph D Second   Charles Lafrenière Bérubé 

Charles Lafrenière Bérubé 

École Polytechnique Montréal



James Franklin Franklin Geosciences
Christine Vaillancourt Northern Shield Resources

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Adlakha University of Ottawa U Fluid evolution recorded in the composition of tourmaline and aluminum sulfate-phosphate minerals along the P2 fault and McArthur River uranium deposit, Saskatchewan  
Asmail UWO Au Host rock setting and timing of high-grade gold mineralization in the Neoarchean Central Hearne Domain, Whale Cove, Nunavut, Canada  
Bath University of Ottawa Au The Detrital, Geochemical and Metamorphic History of the Sedimentary Rocks in the Eastern Part of the North Caribou Greenstone Belt  
Berthiaume University of Regina Au Geology of the 10-Vein Outcrop, Seabee Mine, Saskatchewan: Structural Controls on Gold Mineralization  
Blanchard Carleton University Geophysics Targeted Ni-Cu-PGE exploration in Large Igneous Provinces: modelling layered intrusions in plume center regions using potential field data  
Bouchard Laurentian University Au, Peak metamorphic assemblages Predicting stable metamorphic assemblages in P-T space using phase equilibria modelling and characterization of mafic metavolcanic rocks south of Detour Lake Mine  
Boxleiter Western Michigan VMS Geochemical Investigation of the Origin of the Back Forty Zn-Cu VMS Deposit, Michigan, United States  
Branscombe University of New Brunswick Au Precious Metal Epithermal Mineralization and Associated Quartz Veining along the Magaguadavic Fault Zone in the Pokiok Batholith, southwestern New Brunswick  
Brzozowski University of Windsor Ni-Cu-PGE Petrography and Geochemistry of Oxide Minerals in the Marathon Pd-Cu deposit, Coldwell Complex, Northwestern Ontario  
Bunce University of Ottawa PorphyryCu Gold Deportment in the Far Southeast Porphyry Cu-Au Deposit, Philippines  
Caron Carleton University Geophysics Correcting airborne gravity data for overburden thickness when exploring for targets under cover  
Carson Laurentian University Ni-Cu-PGE Black Thor Intrusive Complex in the 2  
Carter-Mcauslan Memorial University Newfoundland Geophysics Predictive mapping with Self-Organising Maps: A Synthetic Study  
Charnley UNB PorphyryCu Characterization of Felsic Rocks with Immobile Elements and Alteration Assemblages Associated with Mineralization (W-Mo-Bi-Sn-Cu) in the North Zone, Mount Pleasant, New Brunswick: Application of pXRF data  
Chen University of Ottawa U Geomathematical analysis of composition data combined with a mineralogical study of the sandstones overlying Phoenix U deposits and REE-rich Maw Zone, Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan  
Cunningham Carleton University Geophysics Magnetic Surveying for Mineral Exploration Using Unmanned Fixed and Rotary Wing Systems  
D'Angelo Lakehead University PorphyryCu Magma Fertility in the Guichon Creek and Nicola Batholiths  
Diekrup University of Ottawa BIF Multiple sulfur isotope implications for the genesis of Algoma-type BIF, marine metal cycling, and exploration  
Dove Lakehead University Au Structural Controls of Gold Mineralization on Neepawa Island, Sioux Lookout greenstone belt, northwestern Ontario  
Dudek University of Ottawa U Evaluating the use of radon for exploring deeply buried uranium deposits: Case study in the Denison Mine's Phoenix deposits, northern Saskatchewan  
Engelbert Laurentian University VMS Geologic Setting, Mineralogy, and Geochemistry of the Paleoproterozoic Photo Lake VMS Deposit, Snow Lake, Manitoba  
Farhangi Laurentian University Ni-Cu-PGE Platinum-Group Minerals in the Black Thor Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusive Complex, McFaulds Lake Greenstone Belt, Ontario  
Feick University of Western Ontario Au An evaluation of regional geochemistry in the Kirkland Lake area: Towards a new gold exploration model  
Friesen Laurentian University VMS Volcanic Reconstruction of the Powderhouse Dacite in the Paleoproterozoic VMS Hosting Chisel Sequence, Snow Lake, Manitoba  
Gaillard McGill University Au Mineralogical and Geochemical vectors to ore zones: a case study of the Canadian Malartic gold deposit footprint, Québec  
Gelinas Laurentian University Au Characterization of the Mineralization and Alteration of Tower Mountain, Conmee Township, Shebandowan Greenstone Belt  
Ginley University of Ottawa BIF Mineralogical study of iron ore formation in Algoma-type BIF, Temagami, ON  
Gourcerol Laurentian University BIF Depositional Setting of Algoma-type Banded Iron Formation from the Meadowbank, Meliadine and Musselwhite gold deposits  
Hall Laurentian University Ni-Cu-PGE Deformation and Structural Controls at the Broken Hammer Deposit: Sudbury, Ontario  
Hastie Laurentian University Au Gold Metallogeny of the Southern Swayze Greenstone Belt: A Comparison to the Abitibi  
Hoyle University of Windsor REE REE Mineral Distribution and the Genesis of LREE Mineralization in the Nechalacho Rare Metal Deposit, NWT  
Kandasamy Western University U Integrated Geochemical Fingerprinting of Uranium Deposits for Sustainable Exploration & Development  
LaFontaine Lakehead University Au Structural Control on the Borden Gold Deposit - Chapleau, ON  
Lafrenière-Bérubé École Polytechnique Montréal Petrophysics Physical properties of the Canadian Malartic ore body and host rock  
Lee MDRU - University of British Columbia PorphyryCu Defining the ‘Footprint’ at the Highland Valley Copper deposits, BC; an overview of the CMIC-NSERC porphyry Cu subproject  
Legrand Laurentian University Environmental Alteration, adsorption and nucleation processes on clay-water interfaces: mechanisms for the retention of uranium by altered clay surfaces on the nanometer scale  
Lewis University of Manitoba Geology Geology of the Rush Bay quarry, Lake of the Woods greenstone belt, Ontario  
Lilley Indiana University Ni-Cu-PGE Sulfide Distribution and Oxygen Isotopic Variation within the J-M Reef, Stillwater Complex, Montana  
Lode Memorial University of Newfoundland VMS Role of mudstones and shales in the localization, genesis, and palaeo-environment of volcanogenic massive sulfide (VMS) deposits of the Tally Pond volcanic belt, central Newfoundland, Canada  
Lypaczewski University of Alberta Au Hyperspectral characterization of white mica and biotite mineral chemistry across the Canadian Malartic Gold Deposit, Quebec, Canada  
Mackie Lakehead University Environmental Bioaccumulative Modeling of Mercury Methylation in Sulphate-Enriched Pit Lakes; Implications of Projected Watershed Contamination in Northwestern Ontario  
Malcolm Laurentian University Au The Lower Detour Lake Au Discovery, Ontario, Canada: A High-Grade Oxidized Intrusion-Related Au Deposit  
Martin University of Ottawa Intrusion Hosted Petrology and mineralogy of calc-alkaline intrusion hosted Ag-Bi-Pb-Mo-Cu mineralized quartz veins, Iskut River area, northwestern British Columbia  
Mathur University of Toronto Economic Geology The Geochemistry of the Marmoraton Fe Skarn and Associated Syenodiorite Intrusion, Southern Ontario  
Mayer Laurentian University Ni-Cu-PGE, Geochemistry Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of the Weese Lake Mafic Intrusion in the Fort Hope Greenstone Belt, Uchi Subprovince, and Its Relationship to Regional Mafic Intrusions  
McDivitt Laurentian University Au Gold Mineralization at the Renabie Mine: The Importance of an Early Hydrothermal Vein Anisotropy on Shear Zone Localization  
Mehrmanesh Laurentian University Chromite Stratigraphy and distribution of chromite in the Black Label deposit, McFaulds Lake greenstone belt, Superior Province, Ontario, Canada  
Meunier Carleton University Geophysics Exploring for graphite using a high-resolution ground-based time-domain electromagnetic system: Modeling and case study  
Möller Earth & Planetary Sciences, McGill University REE SWIR-VNIR spectroscopy as a rare earth exploration tool: A TerraSpec study of the Nechalacho Rare Metal Deposit (Thor Lake, Canada)  
O'Brien Lakehead University Ni-Cu-PGE Petrology, geochemistry and mineral chemistry of the Crystal Lake and Mount Mollie mafic intrusions, Northwestern Ontario  
O'Connell University of Ottawa U Characterizing the composition of tourmaline in the Gryphon uranium deposit, the REE-rich Maw Zone, and sandstones above the Phoenix deposits, Athabasca Basin, Saskatchewan, Canada  
Ogilvie University of Regina Ni-Cu-PGE Geological Characterization of Ni-Cu Sulfide Bearing Mafic Dyke, Tantato Domain  
Pedreira Pérez Université du Québec à Chicoutimi Ni-Cu-PGE Petrological and geochemical characterization of the Nuvulialuk mafic-ultramafic Suite, Southeastern Churchill Province, Québec  
Perrouty Western University NA Footprint of the Canadian Malartic Gold Deposit, QC, Canada: Mafic Dyke Alteration  
Principe Laurentian University Environmental Bioleaching of Arsenic-Rich Tailings Material in Sudbury, Ontario: A Biogeochemical Analysis  
Raskevicius Universite Laval Au Whole Rock δ18O and δD Isotopic Footprint of the Canadian Malartic Deposit, Abitibi sub province, Québec  
Rubingh Laurentian University Au Structural geology and mineralisation in the McLeod Road - Birch Lake thrust panel hosting the New Britannia Mine, Snow Lake, Manitoba  
Schumann Western University Au Application of the novel large area SEM imaging module “Atlas 5” in combination with nano-scale HRTEM studies to enhance mineral exploration and mining efficiency  
Skitch University of Toronto Au The distribution and genesis of gold mineralization on the Fremont Property in the Mother Lode gold belt in California  
Slater Laurentian University Silver The Cortaderas Ag-Zn-Sn-In Deposit at Pirquitas Mine, NW Argentina: Integrated Ore Mineralogy and Textures with Fluid Inclusion Microthermometry  
Spath Laurentian University Chromite Hybridized Ultramafic Rocks in the Black Label Hybrid Zone of the 2  
Stammers Western University Au Geochemical Constraint of the Gold Mineralization Sources from the South Mine Complex and the Main-’04 Breaks, Macassa Mine, Kirkland Lake, Ontario  
Stefanescu University of Ottawa U U-236 in the High-Grade Unconformity Type Deposits of the Athabasca Basin  
Sterner Laurentian University Ni-Cu-PGE Characterizing the Platinum Group Elements (PGEs) and their Distribution within the Low Sulphide Zone at the Nickel Rim South Mine, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada  
Stromberg University of Western Ontario Au Trace Element Content and Speciation in Gold-bearing Pyrite Grains: Characterizing "Invisible" Gold and Redox Conditions in the Dome Mine Ankerite Veins, Timmins, Ontario  
Szumylo Laurentian University Au Deciphering Baltic D  
Tokaryk Laurentian Universiy Au The Archean Vickers Gabbroic Complex, southern Nunavut, Canada: An example of metamorphogenic gold mineralization localized to a chemically favourable host rock  
Wawrzonkowski Laurentian University Ni-Cu-PGE A study of the Cu-Ni- Fe-S mineralogy of footwall veins at the McCreedy East mine: development of millerite and origin of splays from trunk veins  
Westhues Memorial University of Newfoundland IOCG U-Pb, Hf, O and Nd constraints for the Kiruna apatite iron oxide deposits, Sweden  
Wilks University of Maryland VMS Polymetallic ultramafic rock-associated, Fe-Cu-Co-Ni-Zn deposits of the Maryland Appalachians, and their role in Appalachian ore genesis  

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